Cafe Aion


House-made cinnamon-yogurt doughnut & hole


Entrée (choice of)

Croque Madame
Grilled ham and gruyere cheese topped w/ béchamel sauce & a fried egg.

Moroccan baked eggs in spiced tomato stew, feta, herbs & grilled flatbread



Includes a complimentary mimosa

First Course (choice of)

Truffle Fries w/ parmesan, parley & truffle

Salad Lyonnaise – Cure Farm Greens, bacon, croutons & an egg


Main Course (choice of)

Cassoulet – duck confit, braised chicken, sausage, white beans, root vegetables & jus

Beef Bourguignon – red wine braised beef, bacon, mushrooms, roasted vegetables & mashed potatoes


Dessert (choice of)

Spiced Chocolate Tort w/ whipped cream & berries

Creme Brûlée – Infused with Ozo coffee, rum and a “burnt” sugar top

Cafe Aion