Dinner — $65

First Course (choose 1)

Tuna Crudo – stone fruit, cucamelon, benne seed

Burrata – smoked eggplant, allium, Piada bread

Panzanella – tomato, melon sourdough

Second Course (choose 1)

Tagliatelle – pesto, smoked mushroom

Risotto – little neck clam, apple galangal

Gnocchi Amatriciana – guanciale, tomato, chile

Third Course (choose 1)

Pork Chop – corn succotash, almond Aillade

Half Chicken – polenta, grilled escarole (+10)

Market Fish – crushed potato, smoked olive

Fourth Course (choose 1)

Ice cream


Panna Cotta

*SAMPLE MENU: Ingredients are subject to change as we work with local farmers and purchase ingredients that are in season and available at that time.*