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Snarf’s Sandwiches*

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4 Boulder locations and 2 Longmont locations
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$19 Menu

Your choice of:

  • two 7″ sandwiches
  • two chips
  • two fountain drinks, and…
  • two cookies


Valid at all Boulder County Snarf’s Sandwiches: 4 Boulder locations and 2 Longmont locations.
—4 Boulder Locations—
Snarf’s Pearl: 2128 Pearl St. Boulder, CO 80302
Snarf’s Arapahoe: 5340 Arapahoe Ave. Boulder, CO 80303
Snarf’s Table Mesa: 637 S. Broadway (Suite A) Boulder, CO 80305
Snarf’s Gunbarrel: 6562 Lookout Rd. Boulder, CO 80301

—2 Longmont Locations—
Snarf’s Ken Pratt: 645 Ken Pratt Blvd. Longmont, CO 80501
Snarf’s Mountain View: 2130 Mountain View Ave. Longmont, CO 80501



Snarf's Sandwiches is voted Boulder County's Best Sandwich! Snarf's has been serving the Boulder community since 1996 and is known for their handcrafted oven-toasted sandwiches. From the fresh baked bread to the signature hot peppers, Snarf's combines top quality ingredients that you can taste in every bite.

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