Restaurant Participation

For the past 14 years, First Bite: Boulder County Restaurant Week has been at the forefront of bringing the Boulder County community together around our incredible dining scene. This event substantiates our county’s well deserved reputation as a dining destination and, most importantly, provides new business for local restaurants while offering the local dining community a week of exceptional value and consummate city pride.

Boulder County Restaurant Week remains an unparalleled marketing opportunity. Our approach to attracting new customers to participate in First Bite is to highlight the incredible food, chefs and community that provides for a sensational week. By focusing our marketing on the stories of our more than 45 participating restaurants, the diners arrive excited, educated and open to experience each unique offering.

Step 1: Agreement

Fill out the Restaurant Participation Agreement online or download the PDF, sign it and mail it to us.

Step 1: Sign Agreement to Participate in First Bite

Step 2: Pay

Pay online or by mail.

Registration Deadline Cost
Early Bird Registration July 31, 2019 $350
Normal Registration August 1-October 10, 2019 $450
Late Registration October 11, 2019 $550
Step 2: Pay to Participate in First Bite

Step 3: Mail Gift Cards

$29/PERSON Menu
If you selected the $29/person menu option, please provide three (3) Gift Certificates at $58 each.

$49/PERSON Menu
If you selected the $49/person menu option, please provide three (3) Gift Certificates at $98 each.

Provided gift cards will be used in marketing and giveaways for the event, for dinner for two during restaurant week (minimum 2-year expiration, but no expiration preferred).

First Bite Boulder
PMB #112
637-B South Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305

Step 4: Restaurant Info + Event Menu

Step 4: Submit Restaurant Info + Event Menu