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First Bite is an annual event highlighting the Boulder area dining scene. For one full week, more than 40 of the area’s top restaurants will offer a special three course $29 prix-fixe dinner menu to the community.

The week celebrates our exceptional dining scene and continues to bring its well-deserved reputation into the national spotlight. We invite you to join us as we celebrate the establishments that make Boulder County a premiere culinary destination.


2017 Participants

Select the restaurant to view their custom prix-fixe menu for this special event: November 10-18, 2017. This is a non-ticketed event. Please make reservations directly with participating restaurants.

Printable Restaurant List
Last update November 8, 2017.
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2020 Food & Wine BarMenu »(720) 491-3578Longmont/Niwot/ErieEuropean
740 FrontMenu »(720) 519-1972Louisville/LafayetteAmerican/New American
ArugulaMenu »(303) 443-1365BoulderEuropean
Bacco Trattoria & Mozzarella BarMenu »(303) 442-3899BoulderEuropean
BastaMenu »(303) 997-8775BoulderEuropean
Blooming BeetsMenu »(303) 443-3479BoulderGluten-Free
Boulder ChopHouse & TavernMenu »(303) 443-1188BoulderBrewery/Gastropub/Steakhouse
Boulder CorkMenu »(303) 443-9505BoulderAmerican/New American
Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, TheMenu »(303) 442-4993BoulderSpecialty
BRUMenu »(720) 638-5193BoulderBrewery/Gastropub/Steakhouse
Café AionMenu »(303) 993-8131BoulderEuropean
CapreseMenu »(303) 485-6240Longmont/Niwot/ErieEuropean
Centro(menu not yet available)(303) 442-7771BoulderLatin/Mexican/SW
Chautauqua Dining HallMenu »(303) 440-3282BoulderAmerican/New American
Dagabi CucinaMenu »(303) 786-9004BoulderEuropean
Element BistroMenu »(303) 530-5400BoulderAmerican/New American
EmmersonMenu »(303) 953-9852BoulderAmerican/New American
Empire Lounge & Restaurant, TheMenu »(303) 665-2521Louisville/LafayetteAmerican/New American
FATE Brewing CompanyMenu »(303) 449-3283BoulderBrewery/Gastropub/Steakhouse
Greenbriar Inn, TheMenu »(303) 440-7979North/West Boulder CountyAmerican/New American
Japango*Menu »(303) 938-0330BoulderAsian
JaxMenu »(303) 444-1811BoulderAmerican/New American
Jill’s RestaurantMenu »(720) 406-7399BoulderAmerican/New American
LeafMenu »(303) 442-1485BoulderVegetarian
Lyons ForkMenu »(303) 823-5014North/West Boulder CountyAmerican/New American
Melting Pot, TheMenu »(303) 666-7777Louisville/LafayetteSpecialty
North End at 4580Menu »(303) 448-1500BoulderAmerican/New American
Parma Trattoria & Mozzarella BarMenu »(303) 284-2741Louisville/LafayetteEuropean
Riffs Urban FareMenu »(303) 440-6699BoulderAmerican/New American
River & WoodsMenu »(303) 993-6301BoulderAmerican/New American
Roadhouse Boulder Depot**Menu »(303) 443-2167BoulderBrewery/Gastropub/Steakhouse
SALTMenu »(303) 444-7258BoulderAmerican/New American
SAMPLESMenu »(303) 327-9318Longmont/Niwot/ErieAmerican/New American
Sforno Trattoria RomanaMenu »(303) 449-1787BoulderEuropean
Spruce Farm & FishMenu »(303) 442-4880BoulderAmerican/New American
Via PerlaMenu »(720) 669-0100BoulderEuropean
Via ToscanaMenu »(303) 604-6960Louisville/LafayetteEuropean
West End Tavern*Menu »(303) 444-3535BoulderAmerican/New American
Wild StandardMenu »(720) 638-4800BoulderAmerican/New American
Zolo GrillMenu »(303) 449-0444BoulderLatin/Mexican/SW
ZuccaMenu »(303) 666-6499Louisville/LafayetteEuropean

*$18 Tasting Menu
**$29 First Bite Menu & $18 Tasting Menu available



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